Candidate screening

With the increasing number of job posts applicants, the time needed to screen, evaluate and communicate applications also increases.

The candidate pre-selection service is created for employers, who do not have the time and resources to pinpoint the suitable future employees among the vast pool of applicants, and in the same time maintain a professional recruitment approach towards candidates.

It is created for employers, who wish to be involved in the recruitment process on in the stage of interviewing and evaluating the right candidates and optimize the company’s administrative processes.

Services and prices

Pack 1 - Basic

Creating job description and requirements.
Job post predation, publishing and administration on
Providing received applications to client.
BGN 250

Pack 2 – Pre-screening

Includes Pack 1 Basic and the following services:
Applicants screening.
Evaluation of all received applications.
Provision of suitable applicants to client for internal recruitment.
BGN 600

Pack 3 - Selection

Includes Pack 1 Basic, Pack 2 Pre-screening and the following services:
Telephone/online interview with all suitable candidates.
Provision of suitable applicants to client for the next stage of recruitment.
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What you get

Professional in-depth approach to creating and publishing job posts.

Efficiency in the applicants screening and evaluation process due to our recruitment specialists’ extensive professional experience.

Correct, on-point and ethical communication with all applicants.

Access to additional resources: recruitment via social media, applicant tracking system, etc.

Maintain your employer image, by providing feedback to each candidate in the recruitment pipeline (regardless of evaluation status).

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