About us

We believe that there is no better way to find a new job, than using the services of an HR company.

You can always count on us, no matter if you are actively searching or just curious about the opportunities on the market.

We create and improve our services by ourselves, so that we can offer you a better position in a better way.



I've always believed there is a job that can make you happy while you are having fun with the colleagues in a nice working environment. When I became a part of JTR I was hoping that I will find that. And now I know, when I come home tired after work but filled with so many emotions and excited for the next day, that I'm in the right place.

As a person I am very curious and impulsive, when something pops into my mind I can't stop until I get it done, probably why I like to read crime novels.

I love music, I cannot just listen to it, I live through every phrase. If lessons in school were written as songs it would have been much easier to memorize them.

For several years I don’t have free time because I have a daughter. Finally, I have an excuse to watch cartoons and run on slides :)


Team Lead

When I started at JTR I thought that is the best place in the world, thеn all my friends told me that it‘s normal to be excited when you start new work. Now, a few years later, the situation is the same for me (: I’m a part of a small family,whose superpower is helping people get the opportunities that they deserve.

In the meantime, I travel, read, hangout with my friends, which result in many fun stories. I love to try new food and meet people of different countries.



When I was hesitant about what job I should choose, the one thing I was sure about was that I wanted to work with people. I believe that every person is unique and can teach you something new every day. In the JTR team I have convinced myself of that, not only from my coworkers, who are outstanding professionals but also from the people I communicate with every day. It may sound like a cliché, but from day one I felt like I’ve been working here for years.

Outside the office I'm a girl who loves to watch movies, sometimes even overdo it. I like going out with friends, but I admit that I occasionally replace them with staying in bed and reading books. My only weakness, which I can’t give up, and don’t want to, is chocolate.



I always believed that we should never stop seeking for inspiration all around us, and that we should love what we do… these thoughts led me to JobTiger Recruitment.

So far I am happy to say that every day is a new challenge and a chance to learn something new.


Senior Recruiter

The moment I found out that work could be also a pleasure, was when I became a member of the amazing JobTiger family and I met with my new colleagues.

The best part is that I can meet and discover new interesting specialists, which makes me feel like Columbus from time to time. I help them to find a new opportunity for self-expression in the IT field, making my work unique and special for me.

When I am out of office, I like to travel and walk in the nature. However sometimes I stay home for a lazy day off, reading an interesting book. Besides good films and delicious food, my friends and I, are avid fans of the gaming industry - best MMORPG, PvP and MOBA genres are part of our entertainment.


Senior Recruiter

My JTR experience is the best mix between simplicity, friendship, leading by example, learning opportunities, transparency, work-life balance, and Coldplay. Maybe the best place for curious individuals who love adding value to everybody. Leave your Ego at the door and let's remain at the top!


Recruitment Manager

The text here had one version 4 years ago, another – 2 years ago, and now – a different, third one. And yet, all three of them had always been driven by one common thing – my belief that the job of the recruiter is not to be "annoying", but to add value, to guide, to consult and to help. 4 years later this belief is still as strong and I am glad that I can meet at JobTiger people who think the same. The labour market is an extremely dynamic phenomenon and every day in the office (and outside) is a whirlpool of situations that challenge me and make me a better (I hope) person and professional.

And if you ask me why to choose JobTiger Recruitment – well, because we’re a really cool bunch of folks who put hell of a lot of passion in what they do. :)

With more than 12 years of history behind us, we keep succeeding at making our partners get a feel of our ambition and positivity and disperse it into everything we do.