Personal brand development

Развитие на личния бранд

The term Personal Brand refers to the unique way in which a person presents themselves and influences others. This includes a combination of professional skills, personal qualities, communication style and vision. A personal brand is a kind of identity that a person creates for themselves to be remembered, recognized and appreciated by others. Developing a […]

Recruitment trends in 2024

Recruitment trends in 2024

The job market is constantly changing and so are the trends in recruitment. In 2024, we will see even more focus on digitalisation, rapid adaptability and people orientation. Here are some of the key trends that will shape recruitment in the year ahead: Digitalisation Digitalisation will continue to play an increasingly important role in recruitment. […]

Attention – Skill Gap!

Skill Gap, Недостиг на умения

Finding suitable and skilled professionals in a rapidly evolving technology environment is proving to be a difficult task for many employers. Today’s business world places increasing demands on employees, expecting a variety of skills and competencies. Add to this the new generations entering the labour market, who have their own needs and demands on employers, […]

The most popular types of AI tools in HR and recruitment

The most popular types of AI tools in HR and recruitment

In the age of digital transformation and artificial intelligence, human resource (HR) management is subject to significant innovation. AI tools are playing a key role in transforming this sector, providing more efficient and intelligent methods for recruiting and managing talent. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular types of […]

Working onsite or at home – advantages and disadvantages

Working onsite or at home - advantages and disadvantages

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, workers around the world have faced a new reality – working from home. This model of work provided not only a temporary solution to the crisis but a permanent option for many. Compared to traditional office work, working from home has advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we […]

What is Job Ghosting a candidate?

“Ghosting“в подбора на кандидати

The term ghosting in recruitment is used to describe a situation where an employer, in particular a recruiter, cuts off communication with a candidate who has expressed interest in a position without providing an explanation or feedback on the outcome of the process. This type of behaviour is very likely to create negative impressions on […]

10 Useful Skills Every Recruitment Leader Should Know

10 полезни умения, които всеки Recruitment Leader трябва да владее

The Recruitment Leader plays an important role in the success of the recruitment team. This professional must master a variety of skills to effectively manage and achieve the best results. We highlight 10 useful skills that every Recruitment Leader should possess: 1. Strategic thinking A vision of the bigger picture and the ability to plan […]

The transition from working in an agency to in-house recruitment

агенция за подбор към in-house рекрутмънт

The transition from agency recruitment to in-house recruitment is a common step in the careers of many professionals involved in hiring. This transition can have its advantages and challenges, depending on the individual goals of each recruiter. We’ll consider several aspects that matter in transitioning from agency to an in-house personnel recruitment department: Core Activity […]

How did professions change over the last 30 years?

Как се промениха професиите през последните 30 години? How did professions change over the last 30 years?

Over the last 30 years, the world, particularly the labour market, has undergone significant changes due to various factors, including technological advancement, demographic shifts, and economic trends. Some of the key changes include: Growth of Information Technology Technological progress, especially in the field of information technology, has led to the emergence of new professions and […]