Пазар на кандидатаcandidate-driven market

From the employer’s perspective, the “candidate-driven market” is something that often goes unnoticed until the need for personnel arises. In recent years, certain industries have experienced significant progress, leading to a sharp demand for specialists and fierce competition among employers. With more job openings than qualified specialists to take them the conditions in the labour market shifted, putting the candidates in a stronger negotiating position during job searches.

Under these circumstances, negotiations involve not only salary but the entire package of additional benefits. This may include bonuses, extra social benefits, flexible working hours, opportunities for professional development and advancement, work-life balance, and other factors that cater to candidates’ needs and preferences.

In this scenario, several key aspects stand out that every employer should emphasize to remain competitive.

Improving the company’s image

Taking the levels of unemployment into account, attracting talent becomes a challenging and demanding task. As an employer, you need to invest in developing your employer’s brand. This involves highlighting the company’s unique qualities, sharing success stories, emphasizing the company as a place where employees can grow and achieve. Position yourself at various career events and leverage different Employer Branding services.

First Impression

You must make the candidate feel that they have a future as part of the company. The first interview is one of the main factors influencing candidates’ decision-making. Therefore, it’s important to explain the company culture to the candidate during this meeting. Don’t make the mistake of expecting the candidate to be excited solely based on reading the job specifications and information from the company’s website.

Recruitment process duration and feedback

The time that takes companies to act when they need talent is extremely important under these conditions. In our practice, we’ve seen many cases where companies have missed out on the right candidates simply because they have a slow recruitment process. In many cases, the delay in providing feedback after an interview leads a candidate to pursue another offer. Aside from the unpleasant impression left on specialists, when employers’ prolonged hesitation.

Consider optimizing the recruitment process, eliminating unnecessary stages, and setting standards for providing feedback to candidates within specific time frames.

Precise and Clear Job Posting

Let’s admit it, sometimes you can read the entire job posting and still not understand what it’s about. Unclear descriptions or including tasks in the job description that are not typical for the position can confuse candidates. This, in turn, can discourage them from applying.

It’s important to note that the situation in which candidates are in a commanding position is not a constant state and may change depending on economic and social conditions. It can change over time and have different nuances in various industries and regions.

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