Recruitment trends in 2024

Recruitment trends in 2024

The job market is constantly changing and so are the trends in recruitment. In 2024, we will see even more focus on digitalisation, rapid adaptability and people orientation. Here are some of the key trends that will shape recruitment in the year ahead: Digitalisation Digitalisation will continue to play an increasingly important role in recruitment. […]

Attention – Skill Gap!

Skill Gap, Недостиг на умения

Finding suitable and skilled professionals in a rapidly evolving technology environment is proving to be a difficult task for many employers. Today’s business world places increasing demands on employees, expecting a variety of skills and competencies. Add to this the new generations entering the labour market, who have their own needs and demands on employers, […]

The most popular types of AI tools in HR and recruitment

The most popular types of AI tools in HR and recruitment

In the age of digital transformation and artificial intelligence, human resource (HR) management is subject to significant innovation. AI tools are playing a key role in transforming this sector, providing more efficient and intelligent methods for recruiting and managing talent. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular types of […]

Effective methods to attract talent

Ефективни методи за привличане на таланти/ Attracring candidates

Attracting talent is a key element in successful recruitment. We will discuss several effective methods that can be used in this process. Building a strong employer brand Creating an attractive and appealing employer image is key to attracting candidates. Focus on the company’s culture, value and employee benefits. By doing so, you will attract talent […]

How to avoid clichés during an interview

Как да избягате от клишетата по време на интервю

On their way to a successful career change, every professional faces the challenge of impressing the interviewing team within an hour or so. Everyone brings a unique combination of skills, characteristics and experiences that make them different from others. In this context, the ability to highlight a unique personality and contribution to the work environment […]

How to stay motivated at work?

Как да запазим мотивацията си на работното място?

Losing motivation at work is something that can happen to anyone. Whether you’re a student, a new employee, or a seasoned professional, maintaining a high level of motivation can be a challenge. Motivation plays a key role not only in success in the workplace but also in living a happy and productive life in general. […]

Working onsite or at home – advantages and disadvantages

Working onsite or at home - advantages and disadvantages

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, workers around the world have faced a new reality – working from home. This model of work provided not only a temporary solution to the crisis but a permanent option for many. Compared to traditional office work, working from home has advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we […]

Healthy digital working habits

Здравословни дигитални навици

Digital technology and the internet provide many opportunities and benefits for working, learning and unwinding in the workplace. They create conditions and environment in which one can develop, and any information needed is a click away. However, excessive use of digital devices has risks and can lead to dependence and withdrawal from the real world. […]

What is Job Ghosting a candidate?

“Ghosting“в подбора на кандидати

The term ghosting in recruitment is used to describe a situation where an employer, in particular a recruiter, cuts off communication with a candidate who has expressed interest in a position without providing an explanation or feedback on the outcome of the process. This type of behaviour is very likely to create negative impressions on […]