Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its role for companies


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that involves voluntary actions by companies aimed at sustainable development and contributing to society and the environment. It is a commitment by organisations to consider the social and environmental consequences of their activities and to take measures to reduce their negative impact. In today’s business world, CSR has […]

Building effective communication at work

3 people holding speech a bubble

Communication is an essential element of success in our work, regardless of our industry or role. Interacting with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders requires effectively exchanging information, ideas and views. In this article, we will look at some of the key strategies for developing effective communication skills in the work environment. Active listening Active listening […]

Why professionals want to work from home

home office

Many professionals, mostly from the IT industry, prefer to work from home. There are several reasons why candidates insist on this. We will note the most common arguments that professionals share during an interview. Flexibility in working hours Working from home allows people to manage their working hours more flexibly. This can be particularly beneficial […]

Bringing different generations together in the workplace: key strategies for success

Представители от различни поколения.

In times of rapid technological change, workplaces are becoming increasingly diverse, attracting representatives from different generations. This diversified workforce offers a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills, but can also create challenges in employee interaction. However, bringing these differences together can be a key factor in achieving greater success and efficiency in the workplace. Here […]

Signs of professional burnout


Burnout is a state of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion caused by prolonged stress in the workplace. It is often characterized by reduced motivation, job exhaustion and a diminishing sense of achievement. This condition is increasingly common nowadays, so it’s good to know the signs so we can identify it at an early stage. Exhaustion […]

Effective methods to attract talent

Ефективни методи за привличане на таланти/ Attracring candidates

Attracting talent is a key element in successful recruitment. We will discuss several effective methods that can be used in this process. Building a strong employer brand Creating an attractive and appealing employer image is key to attracting candidates. Focus on the company’s culture, value and employee benefits. By doing so, you will attract talent […]

Employee Performance Review

Evaluation of staff performance

Evaluation of staff performance is an important aspect of human resource management. There are several key elements that we will look at. Why staff evaluation is important for organizations? Staff evaluation helps to inform management about the performance and potential of employees in the company. Objectives Some of the main purposes of staff evaluation are […]

Who is the best employer?

Кой е най-добрия работодател?

Working in a “Candidate’s Market”, striving for a good working environment, and work-life balance, the question “Who is the best employer?” is becoming increasingly relevant and important. Employers who strive to create good and supportive working conditions are usually distinguished by interesting practices. Here are some of them. Fairness and transparency The best employers are […]