About us

We aim to add value to your business through our placements and HR consultation services.

We owe our success to our exceptionally vast database with specialists, which has been developed 24/7 since 2000, as we are the owners of the first professional job board in Bulgaria - JobTiger.bg.

To all of this, we are adding the way we work – by giving it our absolute best, we make sure that if we were using our own services, we would be completely happy with them.


Recruitment Team Lead

The coolest thing about our contemporary world is that we have made a profession out of talking to people. When I was starting working here, my folks thought that I would be more quiet at home, now that I had to talk to so many people during the day. However, it didn't turn out that way. I guess it's in my blood, I don't know. A bit more about me: I love reading and I am almost always wearing a dress. I love coffee and I'd rather walk around the streets, than the mountains. I like to watch 'Friends' when I'm down and every time I make a dough, I sing because I'm certain that this is my secret to a great dough. I like to think that I have a secret. I almost always laugh when someone trips and I would very much love it, if I had a pet. I would rather have a dog, but for now I only have a landlord. I owe my ability to convince people to a lot of things and people, but most of all to all of the arguments I've had under the shower. I have a 99% success rate. I left 1% for that time I slipped and fell.



Optimism is what drives me forward. I believe the world we live in is incredibly interesting and exciting and we are the ones who make it that way. I watch the world around me with eyes and mind wide open, because I believe every challenge is worthwhile and brings fulfillment. When I joined JobTiger’s team I was looking for that – the contact with people from whom I learn something new and remarkable every day, and our team’s spirit combines great energy, curiosity and dedication. Our work is diverse and dynamic, but we always find the time for a smile or a joke – strange, but true – the office is the place where one can cheer their spirit.

In my spare time, I like travelling – regardless of the destination – what’s important to me is to be amongst friends. During my journeys I collect all kinds of fun stories and if I start writing them down, my memories will compete in size with the phonebook…of a small town.




The moment I found out that work could be also a pleasure, was when I became a member of the amazing JobTiger family and I met with my new colleagues.

The best part is that I can meet and discover new interesting specialists, which makes me feel like Columbus from time to time. I help them to find a new opportunity for self-expression in the IT field, making my work unique and special for me.

When I am out of office, I like to travel and walk in the nature. However sometimes I stay home for a lazy day off, reading an interesting book. Besides good films and delicious food, my friends and I, are avid fans of the gaming industry - best MMORPG, PvP and MOBA genres are part of our entertainment.



From shortly I'm part of the tigers’ team, but I feel that this is my place. Here is full with young, enthusiastic and striving for progress people. We set high goals and I dare to say that we achieve them. I like it how all of us are paying attention to the wishes and interests of each of the candidates.

I am glad to have this opportunity to work in such a positive and energetic environment where the great ideas are born. And here is definitely a place that predisposes to this, because I am sure that every day the people from my team come eager to conquer peaks.

Outside the tiger’s house I am a person that likes to travel. Each new destination gives me a little of its culture. I like to “get lost” in small towns where you can really feel the naturalness of the people. One of my talents is that I can cook almost any dish. Confidentially (and with a small dose of pride) I can tell you that my colleagues have already announced my banitsa for the best one. Another my passion are the books. They are the small step that can help a person to achieve anything.


Recruitment Team Lead

The text here had one version 4 years ago, another – 2 years ago, and now – a different, third one. And yet, all three of them had always been driven by one common thing – my belief that the job of the recruiter is not to be "annoying", but to add value, to guide, to consult and to help. 4 years later this belief is still as strong and I am glad that I can meet at JobTiger people who think the same. The labour market is an extremely dynamic phenomenon and every day in the office (and outside) is a whirlpool of situations that challenge me and make me a better (I hope) person and professional.

And if you ask me why to choose JobTiger Recruitment – well, because we’re a really cool bunch of folks who put hell of a lot of passion in what they do. :)



In many areas in my life I am an idealist and it's no exception when it comes to the profession. For me, the greatest satisfaction is knowing that I am really useful to someone, and that we have created a honest and well-meaning communication with each other in the process. For a short time I am part of JobTiger and the first thing that won me over was that sentence on the website: "By giving it our absolute best, we make sure that if we were using our own services, we would be completely happy with them." The fellow team members are known by their positivism and dedication to their work and I already can see that for myself.

On the personal front - I love to read, I like science and critical thinking and I go to forums to discuss such topics. My most joyful memories are related to my favorite city of Hissar, where I go every summer. I have a cat - a little stupid and suicidal, but no one is perfect.



My JTR experience is the best mix between simplicity, friendship, leading by example, learning opportunities, transparency, work-life balance, and Coldplay. Maybe the best place for curious individuals who love adding value to everybody. Leave your Ego at the door and let's remain at the top!


Recruitment Team Lead

Briefly. I'm glad I had the opportunity to become part of our young, energetic and friendly team. Оur job consists of dedication and great professionalism. We try to be helpful to others and to develop the right approach. We have fun often because that helps us to get the benefits of being ourselves. It's hard to get up in the morning, but then the workflow starts with a great mood and everything falls into place. The challenging nature of our activities and the chances for development are the motivating forces for mе.

My favorite people define me as a charismatic and positive person. I think it occurs when people are just friendly. Sports are my passion and my hobby. My wish is to travel and see all of Bulgaria and after that it’s safe to say that the sky is the limit. I love being with friends, talking about everything that surrounds us and to enjoy life.


Lead Recruiter

When I started at JTR I thought that is the best place in the world, thеn all my friends told me that it‘s normal to be excited when you start new work. Now, a few years later, the situation is the same for me (: I’m a part of a small family,whose superpower is helping people get the opportunities that they deserve.

In the meantime, I travel, read, hangout with my friends, which result in many fun stories. I love to try new food and meet people of different countries.



I always believed that we should never stop seeking for inspiration all around us, and that we should love what we do… these thoughts led me to JobTiger Recruitment.

So far I am happy to say that every day is a new challenge and a chance to learn something new.



I've been working for JobTiger for over three years now, and the good thing about it is that it still feels a friendly and positive atmosphere all the while, and the cohesion is getting stronger all the time! :) The dynamics and flexibility of the sphere that we are working in allows me to meet different challenges, which keeps my everyday life a varied and interesting. I am happy to be part of this strong team and I know that with this vision and culture of work we can get beyond what we have set up!

I try to make my life always colorful, trying to find every one of its nuances, embarking on all kinds of adventures. In most of my free time I am travelling, looking for beautiful views, interesting people, strong experiences and, above all, inner peace. That is why some of the people know me as active and others as a very calm person. My interests are infinite, as I'm always open to suggestions, starting with friends, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, skimboard and ending with a hammock break or just listening to nice music.


Recruitment Manager

My work in JobTiger Recruitment is connected with the needs of our clients and the people who count on us when searching for a new job. The most important thing for me is things to happen in a way, that at the end of the day the professionals, the clients, and our team as a whole to feel good for what has been achieved.

I know how to give my best to work, how to write books such as “Mission My Successful IT Career”, how to receive Forbes awards. I know what the word philosophy means – not in the sense of a wiseacre, I get inspired by people like Michael Jordan, I go to football games and usually read three kinds of books all the time – business, fiction, and philosophical-theological.

My grandmother is the happiest person on Earth, because she has seen me on TV.

With more than 12 years of history, we make our partners get a feel of our ambition and positivity and spread it to everything we do.