The following four trends are increasingly rare or disappeared from the recruitment process as a result of changes in the business environment over the years and the development of different approaches to finding talent:

1.Job ads in print media

With the advent of the Internet and online platforms, print media such as newspapers and magazines disappeared as a means of publishing job postings. Employers today prefer online channels and specialized job sites that are more accessible and have a wider audience.

2. Manual processing of resumes and cover letters

In the past, manual processing of piles of resumes and cover letters was common practice. With the creation of software solutions for automatic storage and processing of candidates, this trend disappeared. Software tools can automatically filter and evaluate candidates according to set criteria and manage communication with them.

3. Standard interview

Traditional job interview techniques, such as closed-answer questions, have largely disappeared. Nowadays, more innovative approaches are applied, such as behavioral interviews, game simulations, group discussions, etc. These approaches aim to reveal not only the professional skills of the candidate, but also their potential and ability to adapt and work in a team.

4. Traditional hierarchical structure in recruitment

This is not yet an extinct trend, but we are increasingly watching its gradual transition to obsolete. Until not long ago, the recruitment process was usually carried out by the HR department and/or the heads of a department or team. Today, however, the introduction of models such as “HR/recruiter-partner” and “outsourced HR team” allows for wider participation and cooperation between different countries and levels in the organization, including department leaders and future colleagues of potential candidates. This contributes to a more objective and comprehensive recruitment process.

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