Digital technology and the internet provide many opportunities and benefits for working, learning and unwinding in the workplace. They create conditions and environment in which one can develop, and any information needed is a click away.

However, excessive use of digital devices has risks and can lead to dependence and withdrawal from the real world. This, in turn, can reduce one’s quality of life and health.

Prolonged sitting in front of a computer or on mobile devices can cause back and eye problems, and contribute to obesity and other health problems. And constant exposure to news streams, social conflict or online violence can lead to stress and psychological strain.

So forming healthy digital habits is an important factor for everyone nowadays. These are behaviours that lead to improved productivity, safety and health in general in the long run of online and offline life.

Time management

Create a daily or weekly plan in which you define your goals and priorities. Identify the most important tasks and start with them, avoid putting off important tasks. Set time limits for different activities and avoid long periods of unlimited web or social media browsing. Schedule time to check messages and avoid constantly monitoring them.

Take breaks and exercise

Done regularly, they help reduce the harmful effects of prolonged sitting in front of a computer or using digital devices. Physical activity aids in better blood circulation, which can reduce the risk of various health problems. Movement stimulates the brain and can help improve energy and concentration, it also has a relaxing effect and can help reduce stress and tension associated with work or online activities.

Healthy eating

Excessive standing in front of screens sometimes leads to an unbalanced diet, which combined with a lack of physical activity, creates potential health hazards. Choosing healthy snacks and drinks in front of the computer and limiting binge eating in front of the screen is important. At the same time, you can take advantage of digital technology to keep yourself informed and monitor your diet.

Control social media usage

Limit time spent on social media to avoid overconsumption and unnecessary distractions at work. This will foster healthier interpersonal relationships that are encouraged with real communication with friends and colleagues.

Information literacy

With the vast abundance of information sources, it is difficult to avoid fake news. Critical thinking and checking news streams through different channels strengthen people’s ability to identify fake articles and misinformation. This can prevent bad business decisions.

These habits can help improve your quality of life and health as you use technology and the Internet in your daily activities. Periodically review your working habits and analyze how you can improve them.

Establishing these and other healthy digital habits will help you balance the world of technology and real life while improving your physical and mental health and information literacy.

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