Как да избягате от клишетата по време на интервюHow to escape clichés during an interview

On their way to a successful career change, every professional faces the challenge of impressing the interviewing team within an hour or so. Everyone brings a unique combination of skills, characteristics and experiences that make them different from others. In this context, the ability to highlight a unique personality and contribution to the work environment becomes key to achieving success during an interview.

Undoubtedly, presenting yourself interestingly and memorably plays a big role, regardless of expertise. However, we often fall into the trap of clichés and standard phases that don’t help us stand out at all. Here are some tips on how to escape the clichés and leave a strong mark during your next interview.

Tell a story

Instead of saying, “I’m responsible and ambitious,” tell a short story that demonstrates those qualities. This approach during an interview can be a powerful tool for showcasing your personality, experience and skills. Focus on unique, memorable situations that demonstrate your ability to handle challenges. Be sure to share what you’ve learned; this demonstrates reflection and a willingness to continually evolve.

Use analogies

Analyze key aspects of the position and the business you are applying for. Choose analogies that are relevant to these areas to show that you have a good understanding of the context and requirements of the job. Use analogies that demonstrate your ability to think creatively. This can be particularly useful for positions that require innovation and strategic thinking. Be prepared to explain your analogies and answer questions that may arise. Be prepared for further explanation if necessary.

Avoid generalities

This can greatly enhance your professional image and present your personality in a clearer and more memorable way. Remember, it is important not only to avoid general words, but to replace them with specific examples of your experience and achievements. Such details will make your application more convincing and interesting to interviewers.

Examples from practice

Giving specific examples from your experience during an interview is extremely important as this not only makes your answers more convincing but also gives the interviewer a clear picture of how you have dealt with challenges in the past. It is important to highlight specific actions you have taken and how they have contributed to successful outcomes.

Highlight your unique strengths and style

Highlight the unique personal traits that contribute to your success. As you present your unique strength and style, try to relate them to specific situations and accomplishments from your past. Be specific, original, and bold about what your style has contributed to the job.

At a time when employers are not only looking for candidates with relevant skills and experience, but also with the ability to contribute unique qualities, demonstrating how your personal traits and experiences make it unique is essential. Combining these elements with specific examples and stories from your experience can help you build a strong application and create an impression that will stay in the minds of interviewers.

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