Add value to your business with our HR and Recruitment services

With over 20 years of experience in the field, we have the expertise to help the HR and recruitment process that serves perfectly the goals of your company.


HR, market and business insights tailored to your business needs.


Flexible solutions to hire the right candidates according to your budget.


Find and hire the best talent with our recruitment services.


Foreign Workers

Provision of low and middle qualified workers from foreign countries.

Staff Leasing

We do the administration of your employees' payroll and social benefits for you.

HR Audit

Measure employee engagement using an accessible engagement surveys

Unique approach to each client

We offer a wide range of consulting and business services. From the successful establishment of the first office for global companies to guiding the whole recruitment process on behalf of clients. We add value in each step of the process.

Expert Guidance

Expert guidance and support from our dedicated team

Customizable Solutions

Customizable HR solutions that meet specific business needs

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined HR process that increase efficiency and productivity

Candidate screening & Recruitment

The candidate screening service is created for employers, who do not have the time and resources to pinpoint suitable future employees among the vast pool of applicants, and at the same time maintain a professional recruitment approach toward candidates.


  • Creating job description and requirements.
  • Job post publishing and administration on
  • Providing received applications to client.

250 BGN/per position


Includes Basic plan +

  • Applicants screening.
  • Evaluation of all received profiles.
  • Provision of suitable applicants to client for internal recruitment.

600 BGN/per position


Icludes Screening plan +

  • Telephone/online interview with all suitable candidates.
  • Provision of applicants to the client for the next stage.

1150 BGN/per position


The full service scope

  • Extensive search in on and off-site databases.
  • Verifying interest and engagement in the position.
  • Submission, interviewing and placement.

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