Обратна връзка Feedback

Today’s labor market is highly driven by the candidate. This is one of the reasons why it is important for every company to provide detailed feedback to each candidate who completes a recruitment process. Whatever the feedback is – positive or negative – it provides information about the skills and areas on which the candidate should focus.

Based on our experience and observation, companies often fail to provide feedback or use standardized emails that do not clearly explain the reasons for rejecting a candidate. Giving additional information with a genuine motive, presented delicately yet clearly stating the exact reason, at the end of the recruitment process, is beneficial for both sides.

How to provide feedback to a candidate:

Utilize your internal resources.

If you are an in-house recruiter, you have access to more information about a candidate’s entire process within your company. By using this resource, you can provide comprehensive feedback to a candidate. Whether it is through a personal phone call or an email depends entirely on you. Personal contact can leave a much better impression of professionalism on the candidate towards you and your company.

Utilize the recruitment agency you work with.

Recruitment agencies are important partners for companies. They not only serve as a source of candidates when searching for suitable professionals but can also act as an informative partner who can provide feedback to the candidate. This way, you are simultaneously helpful to the candidate while avoiding direct confrontation with their disappointment. Giving negative feedback is often the most unpleasant part of a recruitment process. However, by providing this information, you give each candidate the opportunity to improve their performance for future interviews.

We make sure our candidates are informed throughout the entire Recruitment process, especially if they do not proceed. Often, candidates find bad news difficult to handle, but with the right approach, we manage to enhance this process. Through our experience, we strive to deliver negative feedback delicately and guide candidate towards improving their skills in the future.

In the long run, feedback is crucial as it helps candidates improve and develop their weaknesses, thereby driving the labor market forward. The main responsibility for providing constructive feedback lies with recruitment agencies and human resources professionals. The more detailed and specific the feedback, the more valuable it is to the candidates.

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