home office

Many professionals, mostly from the IT industry, prefer to work from home. There are several reasons why candidates insist on this. We will note the most common arguments that professionals share during an interview.

Flexibility in working hours

Working from home allows people to manage their working hours more flexibly. This can be particularly beneficial for those who have family or other commitments outside of work. It also provides an opportunity to respond more quickly to a family emergency and makeup work later.

Saving time and travel costs

Without the need to travel to and from the office, employees save time and transportation costs. This can allow them more time for personal pursuits and family commitments.

Increased productivity

For some people, working from home can lead to greater concentration and productivity as they can focus on their tasks without being distracted by the office environment.

Better work-life balance

Being able to work from home allows people to better balance their work and personal lives. This can be especially important for those who value flexibility at work and improving the quality of their personal life.

Lower levels of stress and personal comfort

Some people feel more comfortable and at ease when working from home as they are less social and don’t have to adapt to an office environment. The social dynamics of the workplace would cause them stress and prevent them from focusing on work tasks.

Technological capabilities

With the development of technology, working from home is becoming easier. High-speed internet connections, video conferencing tools, and cloud services allow for effective communication and collaboration from a distance.

These reasons vary depending on the individual preferences and requirements of professionals, as well as the nature of their work. Not all companies are willing to offer fully remote working to their employees, but those that do are more preferred among candidates.

After COVID-19, a large number of companies are trying to bring their employees back to their offices, causing corresponding dissatisfaction and movement on their part. This will be an interesting process to watch in the coming years.

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