Меките умения, които липсват сред младите таланти

Although young talents usually have strong technical skills, their soft skills are often lacking or underdeveloped. These skills are essential to their successful development in a work environment, so we’ll look at some of the most important ones.


Written and oral communication. With the development of technology and digital presence, young people have not developed the habit of communicating properly and effectively. This hinders their development as professionals because they cannot build a solid relationship with their colleagues, clients and managers.

Teamwork and collaboration

Good communication leads to stronger team bonds and collaboration. Teamwork contributes to the development of the team and the successful performance of the company. Often the digital world leads to isolation, and this leads to less developed teamwork skills.

Thinking towards problem-solving

Guiding young people towards more creativity and innovative thinking when faced with challenges. Sometimes the ready and quick fixes of a dynamic world do not help young talent think outside the box. Every problem has different solutions, we need to encourage them to be more creative.

Adaptability and flexibility

Increasingly seen among young talent, low tolerance, commitment and frequent job changes. This indicates that they are struggling and not being given enough to keep their attention, and that they are not flexible enough when difficulties and changes arise.

Critical thinking

The development of critical thinking among young talent helps to properly analyze and assimilate information. In this way, they can more easily deal with misinformation, which proves to be a big problem for both young and senior professionals.

Stress management

The transition from student life to the labour market for the young generation that has grown up mostly in the digital world is a great adventure and a clash with reality. Sometimes the gap between candidates’ expectations and companies’ requirements proves too wide. It is good to manage talent expectations by introducing them to the job market right from universities.

Developing these soft skills is a key element for the successful integration of young talent into the work environment and their successful careers. Companies can benefit from training, mentoring and other initiatives to develop these and other missing soft skills. At JobTiger, we are also working towards this by providing opportunities for motivated youth to develop their soft skills. If you are interested in learning more Youth Career Academy, visit our page.

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