агенция за подбор към in-house рекрутмънт

The transition from agency recruitment to in-house recruitment is a common step in the careers of many professionals involved in hiring. This transition can have its advantages and challenges, depending on the individual goals of each recruiter.

We’ll consider several aspects that matter in transitioning from agency to an in-house personnel recruitment department:

Core Activity

In an agency, recruiters work with various clients and positions, which implies diversity in their work but also demands adaptation to the different needs of clients. In in-house recruitment, the focus is on hiring personnel exclusively for one company, which has a unified internal culture and business organization.

Work Environment

In agencies, recruiters face constant pressure to meet KPIs and find suitable candidates. In-house recruiters typically have a more structured work schedule and can more easily balance work with personal life.

Business Understanding

In-house recruiters have the opportunity to delve deeper into the business and work directly with internal teams and management. This can enable them to better understand the company’s needs and propose more accurate candidates.

Career Prospects

In-house recruiters can specialize in positions such as HR or move into management roles within the recruitment department. However, agency work provides valuable experience due to exposure to different clients and industries.

Access to Candidates

In agencies, recruiters often have access to extensive candidate databases and experience in active recruitment. In-house recruiters, however, primarily rely on agencies and employee referral programs, in addition to their own databases.


In-house recruiters may encounter limitations regarding budget and resources, whereas agencies have more flexibility as they work with companies with varying budgets.

To successfully transition from agency to in-house recruitment, it’s necessary to consider the advantages and challenges of both types of work. Evaluate how they align with your goals and aspirations.

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