Personal brand development

Развитие на личния бранд

The term Personal Brand refers to the unique way in which a person presents themselves and influences others. This includes a combination of professional skills, personal qualities, communication style and vision. A personal brand is a kind of identity that a person creates for themselves to be remembered, recognized and appreciated by others. Developing a […]

How to achieve work-life harmony: Helpful Habits

Как да постигнем хармония между работа и личен живот: Полезни навици

In today’s fast-paced lives and ever-increasing demands at work, finding a work-life balance can cause significant difficulties. But it’s important to realize that achieving success at work and maintaining a quality personal life are not mutually exclusive goals. Here are a few helpful habits that can help you successfully combine work-life balance. Set clear boundaries […]

Employee Performance Review

Evaluation of staff performance

Evaluation of staff performance is an important aspect of human resource management. There are several key elements that we will look at. Why staff evaluation is important for organizations? Staff evaluation helps to inform management about the performance and potential of employees in the company. Objectives Some of the main purposes of staff evaluation are […]

How to stay motivated at work?

Как да запазим мотивацията си на работното място?

Losing motivation at work is something that can happen to anyone. Whether you’re a student, a new employee, or a seasoned professional, maintaining a high level of motivation can be a challenge. Motivation plays a key role not only in success in the workplace but also in living a happy and productive life in general. […]

Working onsite or at home – advantages and disadvantages

Working onsite or at home - advantages and disadvantages

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, workers around the world have faced a new reality – working from home. This model of work provided not only a temporary solution to the crisis but a permanent option for many. Compared to traditional office work, working from home has advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we […]

Healthy digital working habits

Здравословни дигитални навици

Digital technology and the internet provide many opportunities and benefits for working, learning and unwinding in the workplace. They create conditions and environment in which one can develop, and any information needed is a click away. However, excessive use of digital devices has risks and can lead to dependence and withdrawal from the real world. […]

Who is the best employer?

Кой е най-добрия работодател?

Working in a “Candidate’s Market”, striving for a good working environment, and work-life balance, the question “Who is the best employer?” is becoming increasingly relevant and important. Employers who strive to create good and supportive working conditions are usually distinguished by interesting practices. Here are some of them. Fairness and transparency The best employers are […]

How social media behaviour affects the career

Социалните мрежи

It has been long since social media is more than just a way to connect with friends. It has become an important aspect of our lives, bringing together people from different parts of the world. Online behaviour can significantly impact a person’s career path. Although social media sites are more often used for personal purposes […]

10 Useful Skills Every Recruitment Leader Should Know

10 полезни умения, които всеки Recruitment Leader трябва да владее

The Recruitment Leader plays an important role in the success of the recruitment team. This professional must master a variety of skills to effectively manage and achieve the best results. We highlight 10 useful skills that every Recruitment Leader should possess: 1. Strategic thinking A vision of the bigger picture and the ability to plan […]

How to prepare for an online interview

Как да се подготвите за online интервю How to prepare for an online interview

Regardless of the position you apply for, a job interview is often accompanied by a fair amount of stress. Adjusting your schedule, finding the exact office location, the waiting, and being in an unfamiliar environment can add even more pressure. On the other hand, virtual interviews almost entirely eliminate the grounds for these concerns. If […]